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Bell amp Howell Ionic Whisper 

Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper

Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper

Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper purifies the air by releasing streams of negative ions to remove dust smoke pollen odors pet dander and more. BELL & HOWELL IONIC WHISPER Air Purifier and Ionizer with built-in Permanent Filter The Tabletop Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper purifies the air by releasing streams of negative ions to remove dust smoke pollen odors pet dander and more. With two-speeds Whisper Silent Operation is so quiet you won't even hear it! Filter rinses clean no replacements to buy. AC adapter included. Caution: the air you breathe could be hazardous to your health. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air at home and at work may be up to 10X more polluted than the air outside! Often it is odorless lurking like an invisible monster that causes eye nose or throat irritation headaches dizziness fatigue and increased asthma attacks. Clean Air With Ionization. Our ion generator is silent and exceptionally powerful. Streams of negative ions rush like an army to bring down the invading pollutants and odors. Air is left with the crisp rejuvenating feeling of a spring day! Whisper Silent Operation. The Bell +Howell Air Purifier and Ionizer has a Whisper Silent Operation so you won't even know it's on! Its 2 speed operation allows you to switch to clean air at ultra speed or Whisper Silent Operation use for 24/7 cleaning. Never buy replacement filters again. The Bell +Howell Air Purifier and Ionizer uses a permanent filter which is easy to clean and never has to be replaced. Just wipe the collectable clean it's as simple as that! Air cleaners that don't use filters can create their own pollution. Interior parts that collect the dust have to be removed and scrubbed and some of that gunk winds up on your walls and furniture! Costs just pennies a day to run. The Bell +Howell Air Purifier and Ionizer uses only 7 watts less electricity than a 60-watt bulb! So why pay hundreds of dollars for an ionizer when you can get an air purifier and ionizer for so much less? How can we offer this quality at such a price? This air purifier and ionizer features the expertise and quality that you would expect from Bell & Howell a leader in cutting edge products for almost 100 years. We have an exclusive arrangement to offer you this air cleaner at an unbelievable price due to high volume capabilities. But at this price stock will be going out fast! At these prices you can buy one for every room! Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper Removes Pollutants such as: Odor & Fumes Fibers Fungus Pet Dander Dust Pollen Smoke Soot and more...

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